Here Are All the Taco Bells Serving Booze in the U.S.

Way back in 2015, Taco Bell opened its first Cantina in Chicago. There, the brand elevated its identity with a fancy open kitchen, cool wall art, shareable appetizers like Chili Cheese Smothered Potatoes and, of course, alcohol—everything from beer on tap, to wine, to Sangria, to Twisted Freezes spiked with rum, tequila or vodka. Over the past few years, the inventor of fourth meal has opened Cantina after Cantina across the country, with plans to eventually open 300 locations nationwide.

While there are new Cantinas opening up gradually throughout America, here are the states in which you can currently pair a Cheesy Gordita Crunch with a spiked Cantina Punch, according to Taco Bell:


Fayetteville is the proud home of Arkansas’ Taco Bell Cantina. They serve the full selection of alcoholic drinks—including local craft beers—and there’s a patio.


There are three Cantinas in California right now. The Berkeley location offers eight beers on tap (both local and imported), the Newport Beach Cantina recently debuted the Berry Frosé Twisted Freeze and pours the only Taco Bell branded beer, and the San Francisco location, after two years of struggle, finally got its liquor license and now sells beer.


Unfortunately, Colorado’s only Cantina, which is located in Boulder, can’t actually serve alcohol. The city denied its request for a liquor license due to the fact that the eatery is open until 3 a.m. Don’t lose hope though, Boulderites, because they plan on reapplying in the future.


While the Orlando location is coming soon, Gainesville was the first to the finish, opening a Cantina in early 2018. Sadly, it is still awaiting its liquor license.


Chicago boasts four Taco Bell Cantinas and all of them serve alcohol. Congratulations, Chicago. You are the center of all things boozy at the Bell.


Right now, the Royal Oak Cantina in suburban Detroit does not serve alcohol, as the city denied its request for a liquor license. But the owners hope to attain some sort of probationary license soon. Fingers crossed!


There are two Cantinas in Cincinnati and both serve the full array of Catina drink options, including beer, Sangria and spiked Freezes. There’s a location coming soon to Columbus.


Though Taco Bell’s first Cantina opened in Chicago, the Las Vegas location serves as the flagship. It’s open 24 hours every day, it has a DJ booth, and it features a full wall of Freeze taps. Flavors range from Margarita to Blue Raspberry. And, since this is Vegas, you can get your drinks to go.

New York

There are currently three Cantina locations in Brooklyn, but none of them serve booze right now. There are two more Cantinas in the works for the city, one in Chelsea and the other near the NYU campus.

North Carolina

A Raleigh Cantina is coming soon and, according to all reports, it will indeed be serving alcohol.


The Lone Star State has just one Cantina at the moment in Austin. It offers local spirits with its Twisted Freezes: Tito’s Vodka, Treaty Oak Rum and Tequila 512. There are also local beers from breweries like Live Oak Brewery and (512) Brewing Company.


Alexandria is psyched about its upcoming Taco Bell Cantina. The Alexandria City Council recently unanimously approved an application to install the boozy fast food spot in the city’s Old Town neighborhood.


The Madison Cantina location is currently fighting for their liquor license. After the city denied the restaurant, Taco Bell sued Madison. Stay tuned to see who gets their way.