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Drinking Essentials That Will Help Make Golf Actually Fun

No offense to those of you who play the “sport,” but golf is probably the most boring thing to watch. Ever. It’s right up there with waiting for paint to dry and eyeing the clock before the start of a long weekend. But there’s one thing that can save us all and make golf more fun, whether you’re a seasoned professional or never stepped foot on the green. And that thing is booze.

As the U.S. Open portion of the PGA Tour kicks off on Thursday, June 16, we thought it wise to gather some spirits and drinking accessories for everyone watching and/or celebrating the tournament by playing their own round of 18 holes. Can these bottles and gadgets make watching golf more fun? We’d like to think so, for everyone’s sake.

Golf Shots

The brain child of two bros, Golf Shots are actual usable golf balls that double as shot glasses. They're completely washable and reusable. We can't decide if these are completely ridiculous are totally brilliant, but if you or a golfing loved one wants to avoid pricey golf club libations before hitting the back nine, these could be the ultimate gift for him or her.

Golf Shots (Pack of Three) $14.99

Brookstone Putter-Shaped Golf Bag Drink Caddie

Wheeling this bag onto the course ensures you won’t have a dry moment the entire game. Slide the insulated cooler into the side pocket of your golf bag and let the battery-operated pump do the rest. It dispenses your beverage of choice with the quick push of a button.

Putter-Shaped Golf Bag Drink Caddie, $50.99

Golf Cart Drink Cooler with Mounting Brackets

Keep all your bevs cold without lugging a massive cooler onto the green. This one fits all standard size golf carts when mounted to the rear fender and is large enough to hold libations for everyone riding along. It comes with a divider that you can freeze and use as a portable ice pack, too.

Golf Cart Drink Cooler with Mounting Brackets, $65

Wilouby Stainless Steel Golf Accessories Flask with Leather Case

We love a tool with multiple functions, and this flask most definitely makes the cut. Not only will it cradle your favorite spirit, it’s strapped with tees, ball markers and a divot tool to keep you playing proper. The black leather case fastens to your bag, so it’s always close at hand.

Stainless Steel Golf Accessories Flask with Leather Case, $44.99


Old St. Andrews Scotch

Need something to fill the aforementioned flask? This blended Scotch whisky will do just fine, matured in sherry and port casks for extra richness. Plus, the golf ball bottle makes for a great display when you’re hosting fellow players for a viewing party (and gives you something more interesting to talk about, too).

Old St. Andrews Scotch, $47.99

Golf Ball Molded Cups with Lids & Straws

The website says these novelty cups are made for children’s golf teams, but we beg to differ. You’re never too old for a plastic golf ball cup, especially when it’s filled with the boozy concoction of your choice. Some may say it’s silly, but you’ll have the last laugh as your opponent spills punch all over his polo.

Golf Ball Molded Cups with Lids & Straws, $12.99 for 12

Crystal Clear Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game Set

For those days you can’t make it to the course, this handy little game will keep your putting skills honed. Avoid the sand pit and watch your opponents as they squirm in their seats wondering what mystery liquid you placed in the shot glasses. Or better yet, fillerup with your favorite spirit and let someone else win for a change.

Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game Set, $15.80

Clubhouse Collection Golf Ball Dimple Glasses

Save your standard glassware for the amateurs. Celebrate a birdie with shots for the crew, mixed, chilled and poured into one of these golf-themed glasses. Perfect for your home bar or as a gift to your favorite course mate.

Golf Ball Dimple Glasses, $29.99

McGibbon’s Golf Bag Whisky

Fill those shot glasses with something worth sipping, like a bottle of McGibbon’s Premium Small Batch Blended Scotch Whisky. Concealed in their limited edition ceramic golf club decanter, it’s an easy way to impress both teammates and opponents with just a few sips.

McGibbon’s Golf Bag Whisky, £34.88 ($50.07)