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A Toast to Barack Obama, the Drinker’s President

Inauguration day. Oh the feels. Whether you like it or not, President Trump has arrived. But no matter your thoughts on the incoming commander, we can all agree Trump will never compare to Obama in terms of drinking prowess—just look at his Martini after all. Obama, on the other hand, just knows how to hang. From the local pub to the international stage, our 44th president wielded a beverage with remarkable aplomb. Truly he was the drinking citizen’s president. He may no longer occupy the seat in the Oval Office, but we’ll always keep a stool open for him at our bar.

So, here’s our send off to the boozer in chief, a highlight reel of some of his best drinking moments.

Sharing a beer with some voters

Spending some time with his boo

Enjoying whatever’s in this coconut in Laos

Keeping up relations with the UN

Preparing for Oktoberfest

Commanding the room

A moment of silent contemplation (with a brew)

Showing ‘em how it’s done

Grabbing the spotlight

Working toward peace in the Middle East

Dropping by for a quick drink

Watching the game (over the rim of a glass)

Toasting a new treaty with Russia

Exploring Japanese spirits

Drinking his way through the Iowa State Fair (with enthusiasm)

Settling a bet with a British ally