The Jack Rose: The Great Lost Hemingway Cocktail

It’s Ernest Hemingway’s birthday, which means tonight’s cocktail hour should be a supersized one in honor of the legendary writer, fisherman, cat owner and, of course, drinker. But before you reach for the rum to make Hemingway’s namesake Daiquiri, allow us to introduce you to the Jack Rose.

Made with applejack or Calvados, lime juice and pomegranate grenadine, the drink is mentioned not once, but twice in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. Loosely based on his adventures as an expat in Paris and at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain, the book features Hemingway’s favorite Parisian bar, the Crillon. Like Hemingway in real life, the hero of the book, Jake Barnes, frequents the Crillon bar, where he drinks multiple Jack Roses, made by George, the consummate barman.

Not only is today Hemingway’s birthday, it is also the anniversary of when he started writing The Sun Also Rises. So, it seems especially appropriate to mix up a Jack Rose or three in his honor. Raise your glass (preferably one filled with a Jack Rose) and repeat after us:

To the great drinks we didn’t know were great,
until we realized they were great.

Chin Chin.