2016 Presidential Candidates, Ranked By Wealth

Though the 2016 election is over a year away, as per usual, we've already got a plethora of candidates to consider. You know what that means. Time to prepare for arguments with relatives, Facebook spam, and uncomfortable water cooler conversations.

While you're gearing up for election season, we've turned to the Center for Responsive Politics, Celebrity Net Worth, and all the other available resources to bring you a ranking of the current candidates based on wealth. And yes, you already know who came out on top of this list.

19. George Pataki - Unknown

Who: Former Governor of New York
In recent years, there hasn't been enough attention given to Pataki for anyone to estimate his wealth, though his net worth was in the area of $1 million during the '90s. Don't worry. We're sure he's doing fine.

18. Martin O'Malley - Unknown

Who: Former Governor of Maryland
Having avoided the massive amount of media coverage heaped on his competition, O'Malley hasn't been under the microscope long enough to give anyone a clear idea of his net worth. That said, we do know his salary as Governor of Maryland was $150,000, which seems like a figure some of these other candidates might make on a speaking tour.

17. Bernie Sanders - $330,507

Who: Senator
It's just a little upsetting to realize that, even with that much money, Sanders is definitely considered poor when compared to his competition.

16. Marco Rubio - $443,509

Who: Senator
Rubio's legitimately modest background means he's only amassed a net worth of about half a million dollars. If he doesn't get the nomination, he'd probably settle for a book deal.

15. Lindsey Graham - $1 Million

Who: Senator
Hey, it may look like a lot of money to most of us, but compared to some of his fellow potential presidents, Lindsey Graham is merely "comfortable." Donald Trump probably forgot a number this low even exists. 

14. Rand Paul - $1.3 Million

Who: Doctor, senator
As fellow candidate Ben Carson proves, being a doctor with political aspirations can be pretty profitable.

13. Bobby Jindal - $2.7 Million

Who: Governor of Louisiana

When you're accepted to both Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School, you're probably smart enough to know how to make money.

12. Rick Perry - $3 Million

Who: Former Governor of Texas
Rick Perry made his money through his political career, writing books, and, well, family connections. Though, to be fair, having a filthy rich family is an American political tradition.

11. Ted Cruz - $3.2 Million

Who: Senator
Prior to making his way to politics, Cruz had a successful legal career. Very successful.

10. Chris Christie - $4 Million

Who: Governor of New Jersey
Christie has claimed that he's not wealthy. Either he's confused about what wealthy means, or he hasn't checked his bank account in a while.

9. Jim Webb - $4.5 Million

Who: Former senator
Prior to making the move to politics full-time, Webb made a living as a writer and filmmaker. Not the kind of writer and filmmaker that moves back in with his parents and goes back to school for web design at age 30. The successful kind.


8. Rick Santorum - $5 Million

Who: Lawyer, former senator
Santorum, like many politicians before him, knows that the best way to make major cash after leaving office is to keep offering your political opinions to whomever wants to hear them. In Santorum's case, plenty of people do.

7. Mike Huckabee - $5 Million

Who: Former Governor of Arkansas
Running Arkansas pays pretty well. Having your own show on Fox News pays even better.

6. Ben Carson - $10 Million

Who: Neurosurgeon
Carson is not only a brilliant doctor, but a famous one. That means people buy his books and pay him to just show up and talk to an audience for a while. 

5. Hillary Clinton - $15.3 Million

Who: Former Secretary of State
When you're involved in politics for this long, money just kind of spontaneously exists in your life.


4. Jeb Bush - $22 Million

Who: Former Governor of Florida
Bush has made most of his money in recent years giving speeches and consulting. Plus his family is kind of a big deal or something.

3. Lincoln Chafee - $50 Million

Who: Former Governor of Rhode Island
Yet again, we learn that if you really want to get ahead in this world, it helps to come from a political dynasty. 

2. Carly Fiorina - $80 Million

Who: Former Hewlett-Packard CEO
As it turns out, being CEO of one of the most iconic tech companies on the planet is pretty good for your bank account.

1. Donald Trump - $4 Billion

Who: Business owner, investor, apparently actually serious about running for president
It should come as no surprise that Trump takes the top spot on this list. He has so many assets and sources of income that even he doesn't really know exactly how much money he has.

Joe Oliveto is a staff writer at Supercompressor with a net worth of none of your business. Follow him on Twitter.

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