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Find the Perfect Shot Glass Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Find the Perfect Shot Glass Based on Your Zodiac Sign
Lily Padula

It may not be getting the headlines it deserves, but we are deep in the heart of shot season right now. Between the tailgates, the big-game watch parties, and the holidays fast approaching, there’s no shortage of shot occasions. It’s the perfect time to personalize your shot game, and improve what is already a quality communal experience. How to do that? Find the shot glass the universe has reserved for you, according to your zodiac sign, of course.

We’ve got the lowdown right here, from Capricorn to Sagittarius, courtesy of a Lower East Side fortune teller with an actual crystal ball in her cramped storefront window, so you know the results are indisputable.


What’s the first thing many imbibers reach for after drinking a shot? A chaser, of course—be it water, soda, or a sip of something else. Capricorn is a methodical problem-solver, one who looks at the mechanics of the take-shot, put-shot-glass-down, reach-for-chaser process and thinks, There must be a way to streamline that. Enter the Chaser Shot Glass, which contains both a shot and the liquid of your choice right behind it. This thing may or may not have been created by a Capricorn, but it’s definitely for Capricorns.


Sure, you’ve hummed along with the famous pop song, but do you know what the “age of aquarius” means? It’s supposed to be a time of “light, love, and humanity,” and while we may not have entered it yet, Aquariuses definitely have. They want to make the world a better place. Like, as a full-time job. You know who else wants to do that? Superheroes. And Caped Superhero Shot Glasses are a thing. Ideal for the Aquarius who’s always working for a cause—or three.

Find the Perfect Shot Glass Based on Your Zodiac Sign
Lily Padula


The Zodiac symbol for Pisces is two fish, and it fits, because Pisces can always go with the flow. The group is doing shots? Pisces is in, and given their compassionate, charitable qualities, may just spring for the round. As a thank you, get them a Silver Fish shot glass—the perfect mini-chalice for Pisces.


Generous, warm-hearted, and creative, Leo is always surrounded by good pals, reveling in both giving and receiving the benefits of friendship. Leo also likes being center stage, and the Mason Jar Shot Glass ticks all the boxes: It makes a splash, it’s creative (what can’t you make with actual mason jars?), and it feeds into Leo’s natural gregariousness.


Find the Perfect Shot Glass Based on Your Zodiac Sign - Crown Royal
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Fall may be the season for Libras, Scorpios, and Sagittariuses (Sagittariusii?), but when it comes to autumn’s many toastable occasions, from big games to birthdays to reunions, people from all over the Zodiac wheel are bound to raise a glass. And Crown Royal Regal Apple is smooth and delicious enough to please them all, even the pickiest ones (looking at you, Virgos).


You know that friend of yours who can charm anyone, even people she just met? The one who won’t get ruffled if plans change on a dime, or the party up and moves without warning? Yeah, she’s a Gemini, we’d bet on it. Gemini’s ideal shot vessel is a Collapsible Shot Glass Key Ring, a stainless steel, dual-function number. It’s adaptive and versatile, and like Gemini, a great conversation-starter—not that chatty Gemini needs one.


Many people have golden memories of s’mores by the campfire or the backyard grill surrounded by friends and family. Cancer—imaginative and emotional to the core—absolutely cherishes those memories. That makes the incredible Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glass the ultimate container for Cancer’s shot ritual. Yep, if you toast marshmallows—those sweet, pillowy objects of wonder and nostalgia, as Cancer describes them—you can transform them into shot glasses, then toast with them.

Find the Perfect Shot Glass Based on Your Zodiac Sign - Crown Royal - Libra
Lily Padula


Picture yourself on a train, rumbling, Orient Express–style, through some picturesque European landscape. Someone produces a bottle and suggests a drink. Then a dashing stranger steps forward and lays out a set of sophisticated, leather-bound Nesting Shot Glasses, one elegant silver vessel for each person in this highly romantic coach. That charming stranger? Definitely a Libra. Libras are the first to join the party—they’re diplomatic, urbane, and definitely prone to travel with their own set of classy shot glasses.


Ever the seeker, Sagittarius is full of youthful optimism, the kind that powers all of those outdoor adventures that keep their “career” permanently on hold. They’re after the bigger questions, in an endearingly youthful way. The shot glass in their stars is the Red Plastic Party Cup Shot Glass. It fits the freedom-loving, good humored Sagittarius, who has the same positive outlook on the world they had in their early 20s.

Find the Perfect Shot Glass Based on Your Zodiac Sign - Virgo


Nobody has an eye for detail like Virgo. Nobody, ok? Virgo is exacting, meticulous, and practical. So Virgo’s ideal shot glass is, naturally, a Laboratory Shot Glass, with precise measurements printed on the sides. That is how you measure a shot, right Virgos?


Like their noble namesake, people born between April 20 and May 20 tend to be rock-steady, reliable, and grounded. They also love crafts and low-key pleasures like gardening, cooking, and the occasional delicious adult beverage. So pour their shot into a well-made Animal-Head Shot Glass. What animal? The bull, natch.


Find the Perfect Shot Glass Based on Your Zodiac Sign - Crown Royal - Scorpio
Lily Padula


Scorpios have little use for extraneous business—they like to cut to the chase in all matters. They deal in absolutes, and, like an actual scorpion—which can lose a tail and simply grow another one—they excel at self-healing and getting on with it. Ice Shot Glasses make the perfect fit for Scorpios: they keep liquids cold, they have no unnecessary elements, and when they melt away, you can easily make more.


Adventurous, unafraid to break new ground, and even impulsive at times, Aries definitely wants to throw down on their birthday. Thus the Shot Glass Birthday Card is their destiny. So is its cousin, the Emergency Shot Glass Card—for non-birthday shot occasions. Both are just what they sound like: a greeting card that comes with a punch-out, fold-up shot glass. In addition to being pioneering and adventurous, Aries doesn’t like to wait—and they don’t have to with this one, which demands to be built and enjoyed right away.