This Map Reveals The Distinctive Cause Of Death In Every State

It's common knowledge that the leading causes of death across the country are heart disease and cancer, but which ailments befall people in which states more than others? This new map, sourcing research done by Dr. Francis P. Boscoe and Eva Pradhan from the CDC, reveals the unlikely culprits.

Identifying 23 causes of death, the map was created using the "List of 133 Selected Causes of Death" published by the National Center for Health Statistics, and CDC’s Wide-ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research from 2001 to 2010.

While some states' locally popular cause of death was expected—boat accidents in Alaska, and legal intervention (death in the context of a crime scene) in Nevada—others bring to light systematic weaknesses in that state's healthcare system. For example, in New York the most distinctive cause of death is inflammatory diseases of female pelvic organs, which may suggest a lack of women’s healthcare resources. And, you know, a call to action for more public bathrooms. 

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

h/t: NPR