This Map Shows Every State's Most Embarrassing Google Searches

Every state has its own set of lovable idiosyncrasies which unites residents and brings money to tourism offices. But nowhere do those quirks come alive more than in the cavernous (and anonymous) abyss of the Internet. Specifically, in the Google abyss.

Estately recently rounded up a map based on search result data, titled "What Each State Should Be Embarrassed For Googling More Than Any Other State," proving that everyone has a little bit of low-brow taste, and vajazzling is definitely a thing (that a lot of Missourians care about). Aside from glitter-based genital accessories, here are some other notable things Americans (apparently) are Googlin' at extreme rates:

- California: "Fantasy Bowling"

- New Mexico: "The Hot Chick (2002 Rob Schneider film)" 

- Maine: "Nickelback Lyrics"

- Indiana: "Arby's"

For a deeper dive into your state's most shameful searches, head to Estately's blog. While some popular queries make perfect sense (we wouldn't expect any less than "eyebrow piercing" from Floridians), others may just make you question what your friends do in their free time. Georgians, beware...
Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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