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Everything Wrong With the Trump Grill Martini

Mere hours after a Twitter skirmish broke out between President-elect Donald Trump and Vanity Fair writer Tina Nguyen over the palatability of the fare at Trump Grill in New York City, another culinary outrage has lept from the soon-to-be mogul-in-chief’s restaurant into the Twittersphere in the form of an unappetizing MartiniDaily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi tweeted a picture (since deleted) of the offending cocktail while researching an unrelated piece on the restaurant, and though she reserved making any explicit judgements we, as guardians of the hallowed classic cocktail in all its forms, have a few issues with the drink that we’d like to air.

Martini at the Trump Grill

First, the glass ought to be a coupe—not a Bordeaux glass. Second, that ice—why? A Martini should be served up—with the ice left far behind in the mixing glass, never to see the other side of the bar. Third, the olive should be skewered for easy retrieval, but we’ll let that one slide.

To whoever made the drink, here’s a quick guide on how to make it better. To whoever ordered the drink, maybe you should brush up on your Martini making skills too so you never have to venture out in public and risk getting served this kind of monstrosity again. As for the steak at Trump Grill—we’ll leave that Twitter conflict to VF.