The 10 Most Popular Cocktails, Ranked

Trendy cocktails come and go but, for better or worse, there are always a select few that manage to hold the attention of the drinking class. Thanks to some help from Google, we tracked down the 10 most popular—or, at least, the most searched—cocktails. And then we ranked those 10 cocktails from overhyped to flawless. Whether you’re team Manhattan or team Moscow Mule, here’s how your favorite drinks stack up to Supercall standards.

No. 10: Sangria

While we appreciate Sangria for its large format proportions and overall booziness, we don’t think it belongs in the top five most popular cocktails—which is where you, dear internet users, have placed it. Because when Sangria is good, it’s pretty good. But when Sangria is bad, it’s the worst. Bad wine, fruit chopped too finely and not enough booze can really muck up the works. Better to skip it rather than risk it—or make your own at home.

Ginger beer is having a moment—so much so that the vodka-spiked Moscow Mule is actually the top searched-for cocktail on Google. Though it gets a lot of love, we’re quietly waiting for the day it slips back into obscurity, or is replaced by the equally gingery, yet far more delicious dark rum-infused Dark and Stormy.

No. 8: Mojito

Though the Mojito continues to plague bartenders, we continue to order it. Because once you start drinking them, it’s hard to stop. Minty and ultra refreshing, the Mojito is relegated to No. 8 solely because of the tediousness of muddling.

Love the Long Island Iced Tea. Fear the Long Island Iced Tea. That’s our motto when it comes to the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cocktail. We’ve called it magical in the past—and we stand by that—but we have to treat this particularly boozy drink with caution or we’ll be relying on No. 6 in the morning.

A hangover breakfast is incomplete without a Bloody Mary. Whether you choose to spike it with vodka, tequila or gin, just be sure to respect your Bloody Mary. Don’t go overboard with the fixins and be sure to spice it up right.

Perhaps it’s the winter gloom getting in the way of beachside drinking, but a Piña Colada sounds mighty fine right now. That said, without a beach umbrella, a palm tree and the sound of waves crashing onto the surf, the tropical drink loses some of its luster, which is why it only just cracks the top five.

Thanks to the return of ‘50s and ‘60s glamor—we’re looking at you, Mad Men—the O.G. cocktail skyrocketed back to popularity and remains among the top three most searched-for drinks on the interwebs. It has balance and finesse, but it lingers at number four because, if we’re being honest, we just need a break—but only for a while. It’s not you, Old Fashioned. It’s us.

No. 3: Mint Julep

With more than 200 years under its belt, the Mint Julep continues to give drinkers exactly what they want: sweet, sweet booze in a silver chalice. A ridiculously easy mix of bourbon, simple syrup and mint, the classic Julep easily clears the top five in our book, though, sadly, it barely made the top 10 in terms of search.

No. 2: Margarita

There’s nothing quite like a well-balanced sour cocktail, be it a Whiskey Sour, Daiquiri or Gimlet. But the reigning champion of the category is the tequila-based Margarita. It’s sweet, sour and salty—what more could you want? Just be sure to use a good tequila and a homemade sour mix or things could go downhill fast.

No. 1: Manhattan

Topping off our list at the coveted number one spot, the Manhattan has all the hallmarks of a fantastic cocktail. It’s delicately balanced between sweet, spicy and herbal; it (most often) comes in a fancy cocktail glass; and the garnish—a brandied cherry—is almost as tasty as the drink itself. Long live the Manhattan, king of all the cocktails.