Nick Offerman Drinking Whisky by the Fire Is the Ultimate Yule Log

The Yule log is a holiday tradition dating back to 12th-century Europe when families would burn a giant hunk of firewood for the full 12 days of Christmas. While some believe the custom evolved from the Pagan tradition of burnt sacrifices, others say it was simply a wintertime ritual meant to ward away bad luck and disease. (TBH, both theories sound pretty Pagan to us.) In today’s clean, compartmentalized, carbon-neutral world, however, the Yule log is mostly televised.

There are all sorts of Yule log scenes you can project onto your screen, from the classic close-up, to one attended by cuddly pets, to Marvel’s strange futuristic interpretation. But our favorite, by far, is Nick Offerman’s, which features the bearded bear himself sitting stoically by a roaring fireplace drinking scotch and having quiet, noble feelings. Join us for our new annual tradition, and watch the full 10-hour version with your own dram in hand.