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7 Hilariously Named Cocktails from Bars Across the Country

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but what about choosing a cocktail by its name? While plenty are unfortunately titled and embarrassing to order, there are just as many drinks with names so good you’ll want to shout from the rooftops. Bartenders across the country have gone above and beyond, inventing wildly silly and wonderful names to entice drinkers—the only problem is deciding which one to order. Here, seven brilliantly titled cocktails to order now.

Sometimes You Gotta Work a Little To Ball a Lot

Where to find it:Hank’s Oyster Bar, Washington, D.C.
What it is:Bourbon, honey, switchel, lemon, mint
Our interpretation: Head over to this D.C. bar, order this cocktail, and your work is done.

Aloha Felicia

Where to find it: Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago, IL
What it is:Rum, coconut, pineapple, Thai basil
Not into this tropical cocktail? Well, the drink’s name says it best. Remember, aloha means hello and goodbye.

Nip Slip

Where to find it: Butter & Scotch, New York, NY
What it is: Dibon Cava, Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur, raspberry-lime sorbet
With an entire menu dedicated to women’s empowerment and LGBTQ rights, this cocktail keeps things light and fun—with a scoop of raspberry-lime sorbet that looks kind of like...well, you can figure it out.

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Demon Tied to a Chair in My Brain

Where to find it:Jupiter Disco, Brooklyn, NY
What it is: Jamaican rum, Maurin Quina, creole shrub, lemon
Have enough of these Dax Riggs-inspired, spicy, Maurin Quina-infused cocktails and you might just feel a little...unstable.

Pho-King Champ

Where to find it:Midnight Rambler, Dallas, TX
What it is: Vodka, oloroso sherry, aromatized beef stock, cilantro leaf
One of our favorite pastimes is looking for the all-time greatest pho restaurant names out there, so we’re pretty pleased with this cocktail’s title.

Grow a Pear

Where to find it:Horchata, New York, NY
What it is: Prickly pear-infused mezcal, pomegranate, lime
So many food puns, so little drinking time. We’ll go for the Strike a Gourd next.

You Remind Me of the Babe

Where to find it:South Water Kitchen, Chicago, IL
What it is: Espolon tequila,‏ charred gai-lan broccoli shrub, lavender, Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic
We’ll have this little ditty from The Labyrinth stuck in our heads for the rest of the day: “You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power. What power? The power of voodoo. Who do? You do.”