What Cocktail Is Your Relationship?

So, you’ve found the one (or, at least, the one for right now), and you want to craft the perfect cocktail for you and your lover—one that represents you both as one single, canoodling entity. Good news: We can help. Find out which cocktail represents you and your boo:

The Perfects

Together, you and your paramour are dapper and distinguished. Neither of you even own sweatpants. A night out starts with a cocktail at a classy bar and ends sipping scotch in bespoke leather chairs, with all the other couples looking on with envy and resentment.
Your Relationship’s Spirit Cocktail Is...

The “Perfects”

On the outside, your relationship appears to be a shimmering beacon of perfection. But sometimes the inner workings are a little flat and could use some spice. And other times your love is almost too fiery to handle.
Your Relationship’s Spirit Cocktail Is...

The Hotheads

Your relationship requires some effort and a little bit of forceful massaging every now and then. But when everything comes together, it’s sweet, sweet bliss. It’s worth all that extra work just for those few moments of delicious refreshment, but will it last? Depends on your stamina.
Your Relationship’s Spirit Cocktail Is...

The Adorbs

You and your dearest are downright adorable. You sit on the same side of a booth. Your hands are always intertwined and you’ve even taken to dressing alike. Awwww. But sometimes something so sweet can get a little cloying. Be prepared to pour an occasional float of overproof levity in the form of some alone time on this relationship if you want to make it last.
Your Relationship’s Spirit Cocktail Is...

The Steadies

You’ve been together for years and there’s no end in sight. You might not be the most exciting couple on the block, but damn if you’re not reliable, which makes you everyone’s go-to couple to invite to a party. You can dress up or dress down, and sometimes the sour overpowers the sweet. But at its core, your relationship is always satisfying.
Your Relationship’s Spirit Cocktail Is...

The Train Wrecks

You see each other once or twice a year for a long weekend of insane passion in a cheap motel in Vegas—and you like it that way. You couldn’t take any more of each other even if you tried.
Your Relationship’s Spirit Cocktail Is...