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6 Best Bartenders to Follow on Instagram If You’re Whiskey Obsessed

Whiskey aficionados can follow their favorite brands on Instagram to obsess over bottle porn, but there are only so many photos of neat drams atop barrels that you can look at before it feels stale. We love following bartenders that specialize in whiskey because they post photos of cocktails that incorporate the brown spirit in innovative ways—along with lots and lots of bottles and drams, of course. Here, the six best bartenders you need to follow on Instagram if you’re a true whiskey fan.

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Jamie Boudreau


Canon in Seattle is one of the largest whiskey libraries in the country, so it’s no surprise that its proprietor Jamie Boudreau has an Instagram feed flooded with whiskey. The Washington bartender posts photos of his original whiskey cocktails, like the Fedora (bourbon, Cointreau, Cognac, rum and bitters), or riffs on vintage classics, like the 1930s-era Avenue Cocktail (bourbon, apple brandy, passion fruit, lemon, orange flower water). Boudreau also snaps pics of his extensive spirits collection, both from his personal stash and from Canon’s library. He recently got his hands on an edible printer, which he’s been using to make cocktails adorned with David Bowie’s likeness and the Seattle skyline.

Leslie Krockenberger


As one of Houston’s most celebrated bartenders, Leslie Krockenberger (formerly Ross) has developed an expertise in whiskey cocktails over the years by bartending in the brown spirit-swilling state of Texas. She currently can be found at Houston whiskey bar Reserve 101 where she posts photos of her whiskey-based cocktails on Instagram. Our favorite is the whimsical Balanced Breakfast, made with Monkey Shoulder scotch, Giffard banana and Captain Crunch’s Crunch Berry cereal-infused milk.

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Jordan Felix


Australian bartender Jordan Felix made a name for himself as the head bartender at the renowned Multnomah Whiskey Library in Portland, Oregon, where he was instrumental in the bar’s opening and initial success. While he left the bar late last year, Felix can still be found slinging whiskey as a brand ambassador for House Spirits Distillery. In his Instagram feed, you’ll find plenty of his original whiskey cocktails—like the New Fashioned, made with whiskey, cascara syrup, lavender bitters, iced espresso and orange—as well as shots of him guest bartending throughout Portland with the rare guest spot at Multnomah Whiskey Library.

Becca Pesce


It’s all in her Instagram username: Becca Pesce is the whiskey princess. A bartender at New York City’s The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog, which is frequently named one of the best bars in the world, Pesce spends most of her bartending time serving up Irish whiskey. When she isn’t featuring Dead Rabbit cocktails like the bar’s legendary Irish Coffee, she’s repping the whiskey brand Angel’s Envy. Check out photos of her signature cocktails like the Angel’s Kiss (bourbon, passion fruit, ginger, lemon, habanero and egg whites) or relatable snaps of her pairing the whiskey with Ben and Jerry’s Urban Bourbon ice cream.

Darrell Loo


At Julep Cocktail Club in Kansas City, Missouri, whiskey is definitely the star of the show—it appears in its namesake Julep variations, a menu of twists on the Old Fashioned, and many other whiskey-tails that incorporate seasonal ingredients. Mixologist Darrell Loo posts these cocktails on his Instagram feed, like the Wild Rover-Sons of Erin, made with Irish whiskey, Lillet Blanc, falernum, mint and lemon. We particularly love when he gets the whole gang of cocktails together for a group photo, like this pic that features the bar’s entire spring menu.

Women and Whiskies


We couldn’t overlook the Women and Whiskies account, even if it isn’t the account of a singular bartender. Women and Whiskies posts some of the most delicious looking whiskey cocktails we’ve ever seen. Better yet, they’re all created by a team of women with the home bartender in mind. Beautiful, airy photos of cocktails include everything from a Pomegranate Whiskey Smash to a Speyside Sangria, which all link back to the recipes on their website. While the account appeals to women that may not think of whiskey as an approachable spirit, we think everyone can agree that nothing sounds better than Whiskey Frosé.