Why The 'Base Tan' Is A Dangerous Myth

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we can finally say it: it's summertime. And with summertime comes the beach, the pool, and every other great activity that takes place under the sun. While you should get outside as much as possible, here's something you shouldn't do: get a 'base tan' or a light 'base burn' in an attempt to get a head start on a summer glow.

NY Mag's The Cut reached out to Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at Mount Sinai Hospital, and asked him to give his take on the idea of the base tan. His thoughts on the topic were blunt, to say the least: "Getting a base tan is doubly harmful to your skin," he told The Cut. The Cut went on to say that the idea of a base tan is "terrible," and referenced a 2013 study which found that college students who used a tanning bed to get a base tan were actually more likely to get a sunburn than those who didn't.

There you have it: don't get a base tan, or you'll just end up getting burned. Or a leather jacket for skin. Or cancer.

h/t: The Cut

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor who doesn't burn. Often.

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