You Can Drink Wine on a Mountain With Llamas in Colorado

You might not realize it yet, but the wine and cheese picnic that you think is oh so cute is lacking something that would make it at least 110 percent better: llamas. Paragon Guides tour company in Vail, Colorado, is here for you.

From July 1st through early October, Paragon runs what they call the Arrowhead Llama Lunch. It’s your typical leisurely hike through the mountains, but with llamas. You get to be like Pacha in Emperor’s New Groove, but only have to make it as far as Colorado and don’t have to deal with Yzma.

Paragon knows it has a solid (if sometimes spitting) selling point. The Llama Lunch isn’t really an organized hike, it’s a completely customizable outing where someone brings a llama along. There are only a few things that are set: It’s a half-day hike with a picnic lunch, a guide is included and there’s a llama. The difficulty of the hike and timing is all flexible, because maybe you’re the type of person who wants to wine and dine with a llama in the early evening instead of early afternoon.

Llamas don’t drink, but they are really good at selfies. Even if you have a selfie stick. Or if you still like to stick your tongue out in your selfies. If you go on a wine and cheese picnic with a llama, you will leave with too many ‘grams. Plus they’ll hold all your gear during the hike so you don’t have to get sweaty and you can always have your camera at the ready. You can’t ride them however, no matter how much confidence the wine gives you.

The Llama Lunch starts at $415 for two people, and $89 per person after that. But remember, achieving peak wine picnic is priceless.