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25 Brilliant Tattoo Ideas for Wine Lovers

Getting a tattoo is risky, as you may not love the design as much when you're 60 as you did at 25. And while that may be true for a tattoo of your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend’s name across your chest, wine will be with you for life, and that passion will never fade. Take inspiration from Johnny Depp and brand yourself as a “wino forever” by getting one of these 25 wine tattoos.

Because simple will never go out of style.

Wine will always have your back.

Nama-stay here and drink this wine.

The molecule for tannins, for the nerdy winos.

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One stain that will never come out.

Because wine is a gift from the heavens.

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Don’t overlook proper glassware.


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Roger knows best.

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You are a strong, independent wine drinker.

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Tiny finger tattoos are always adorable...

...Especially this mini corkscrew.

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White wine needs some love too.

Now here’s a pair of matching bestie tattoos we can get behind.

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Finally, an equation that’s easy to understand.

Wine won’t spill your secrets.

A gorgeous vineyard for the nature lovers.

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It’s all about the nose.

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For the hardcore wine drinker:

If your best drinking buddy is your cat:

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 We’re all smiles when the cork pops out.

From grape to glass:

If minimalist tattoos aren’t your thing, go all out.

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