Woman Downs Entire Cognac Bottle In Airport Security To Avoid Throwing It Out

Published On 08/24/2015 Published On 08/24/2015

In a feat of sheer willpower, or frugality, depending on how far down the substance abuse meter you stand, a woman in Beijing chugged an entire bottle of Cognac when she was stopped at airport security this weekend. 

Miss Zhao, a woman in her forties, apparently did not want to let a drop of her imported Cognac go to waste, so she sat in a corner and cleaned the bottle in a solo feat that did not bode too well with her sobriety. As the Nanfang reports,

"Zhao started acting wildly and yelling incoherently. Due to her massive inebriation, when Zhao fell to the floor, that’s where she stayed. When police arrived at the scene, they decided not to let her board her flight out of concern that she had become a security risk to others and herself as Zhao was travelling alone."

She came to 7 hours later at a convalescence room, where she likely had zero recollection of her precious Cognac experience, nor caught her Wenzhou-bound flight. Cognac, you bittersweet b*tch.
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