Hitting the library? On Vacation?! NERD ALERT.

Let that burn heal, then check out these 25 magnificent book Meccas that should be on your next trip's itinerary.

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1. Trinity College

Dublin, Ireland

Wikimedia Commons

2. Austrian National Library

Vienna, Austria

Wikimedia Commons

3. Library Of Congress

Washington D.C., USA


4. Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Paris, France


5. Stuttgart Municipal Library

Stuttgart, Germany

Rio 2016

6. Royal Portuguese Reading Room

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sprocketts Down Under

7. State Library of Victoria

Melbourne, Australia

Adam Mørk/Archdaily

8. University of Aberdeen Library

Aberdeen, Scotland

Wikimedia Commons

9. Admont Abbey Library

Admont, Austria


10. Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Alexandria, Egypt

Facebook/The University Of Oxford

11. Bodleian Library

Oxford, United Kingdom

Aztec Dream

12. Biblioteca Joanina

Coimbra, Portugal


13. The Royal Library

Copenhagen, Denmark


14. Delft University Of Technology Library

Delft, Netherlands

The Despectacled Librarian

15. El Escorial Library

Escorial, Spain


16. Biblioteca Marciana

Venice, Italy

Book Wilde

17. The Clementinum

Prague, Czech Republic

The Guardian

18. State Library Of South Australia

Adelaide, Australia

Emile Ashley/Archello

19. Vennesla Library and Cultural Center

Vennesla, Norway

Wikimedia Commons

20. Seattle Central Library

Seattle, USA


21. St. Florian Monastery Library

Sankt, Austria


22. New York Public Library

New York City, USA

Wikimedia Commons

23. The George Peabody Library

Baltimore, USA

Wikimedia Commons

24. Central Library of Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

Wikimedia Commons

25. Sainte-Geneviève Library

Paris, France

Joe McGauley
is a senior editor at Supercompressor, and visits the library mostly never.



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