Kanye And Bieber Got 500,000+ Gummy D*cks On April Fool's Day, Thanks To You

Published On 03/31/2015 Published On 03/31/2015
Ship A Bag Of D*cks To Kanye or Justin Bieber

It should not be news to our loyal readers that the human race is now fully equipped to send bags of d*cks to one another, in a page torn straight out of Louis C.K.'s comedic playbook (NSFW, duh). 

But on April 1, commonly known as April Fool's Day, we the people (via Ship a Bag Of D*cks) collectively sent Justin Bieber and Kanye West 5,000+ bags of gummy phalluses, totaling a whopping 500,000+ sugar-laced ding dongs, or 1.5 million calories of schlong.

Everyone who orders a bag of the gelatin wangs—up till April 1—will also be sending one complimentary bag to either Beebs or Yeezy, based on the discount code they input upon purchase (West and Justin were voted the two most despised people right now, by user poll). 

Along with the sack of gummy meat sticks, they'll also receive a note reading: "Suck a bag of d*cks," as if they somehow would miss the point. Right now, Bieber has just over 2,500 votes, while Mr. Kardashian has about 300 less. I can agree with this, seeing as Kanye is at least somewhat talented. 

Check out the above video to see it all for yourself. 



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