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Which Bar Is Right for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Mark Yocca / Supercall

The variety of bars out there—especially if you live in a big city—can be overwhelming. Luckily, your perfect bar is written in the stars; all you have to do is look to your astrological sign. Here, we take the guesswork out of the equation and tell you the absolute best bar for you, depending on your zodiac sign.

Mark Yocca / Supercall

Air signs 

Libra: Tiki bar

Libras are easy to please—they’ll have a good time drinking anywhere, from the diviest dive to the swankiest rooftop bar. But Libras love to be in good company, and they thrive when multiple friend groups converge in one place. Take them to a tiki bar so they can share a Scorpion Bowl and other large-format cocktails with their drinking comrades.

Aquarius: The Underground Club

Aquarians party like they live life—with an open mind and a zeal for the unexpected. Underground clubs and secret soirees are where they’ll feel most at home. The weirder and more unexpected, the better—mini donkeys and White Russian fountains? Great. Bungee-jumping waiters delivering chicken eggs full of Ramos Gin Fizz? Even better. Bonus points if the Aquarius has friends in tow, because they love to get a rise out of people.

Gemini: Bar Crawl

After a drink or two, Geminis will get bored with their current surroundings and crave a change. To ensure they have a good time, take them on a bar crawl instead of posting up in one place for the entire night. The Gemini will exude vibrant energy and become a glowing drinking companion if you lead them on a cocktail adventure.

Mark Yocca / Supercall

Fire Signs

Leo: Arcade Bar

Everyone enjoys a Leo, but they can get a little chatty and demanding of attention at times. While we love their social nature, sometimes we just want to drink in peace. Take Leos to an arcade bar where they’ll busy themselves for hours trying to beat the high score on Tapper and non-Leos will have a chance to catch their breath.

Aries: The Brand New Club

Not only does the Aries know about that hot new club opening this weekend, he or she is friends with the owner, has a secret handshake with the bouncer, dated the DJ, and drinks for free all night. Aries are the trendsetters, so you’ll always find them sipping at the coolest, new hot spot—whether it’s a divey model hang or a speakeasy with an iron-clad door policy. You can never accuse this fire sign of being a boring bar hopper.

Sagittarius: Hookup Bar

Flirtatious Sagittariuses make the best wingmen and wingwomen, so they’re always good people to have around if you’re looking to chat up an attractive stranger. Take your Sagittarius buddy to your nearest notorious meat market. Not only will they give you courage, but they’ll also be the first person on board for a late-night adventure.

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Water Signs 

Scorpio: Dive Bar

Scorpios love to socialize and really don’t discriminate when it comes to bars. A dive bar is perfect for their loud, boisterous personalities because they won’t feel the need to use an indoor voice or engage in stuffy conversation. Also, Scorpios don’t always want to reveal their next move, and a dive is the perfect place to slip out quickly, undetected.

Cancer: Speakeasy

Cancers tend to be introverts upon first meeting, and they’d much rather get to know you in a quiet, classy bar than a boisterous, crowded club. A speakeasy is the perfect place for a Cancer to relax and open up. Get through that hidden doorway and you’ll be one step closer to breaking through to Cancer’s true self.

Pisces: Wine Bar

Perhaps the most versatile drinkers on this list, Pisces can go from having only a few sips one day to killing a bottle the next, depending on their mood. They’re also more reserved than most, making an understated wine bar the perfect spot. Order a bottle to split and then launch in on your latest sob story, Pisces is there to listen as long as their glass is filled.

Mark Yocca / Supercall

Earth Signs

Virgo: Old-School Cocktail Bar

The Virgo is hard working, reliable and always knows what’s best for everyone (even if everyone didn’t want their advice in the first place). They don’t mess around with newfangled creations unless they’re 100 percent certain it’s going to be great—so don’t even bother offering them Frosé. You’ll find these classic drinkers sipping Manhattans and Martinis in an old-school bar that delivers the best quality cocktails with no B.S.

Taurus: The Corner Bar

Tauruses are loyal customers and probably know the name of every staff member at their local watering hole. They take comfort in their habits and are always dependable, and they like a bar that rewards its regulars with reliable regularity. You’ll probably catch a Taurus ordering “the usual,” sitting at their regular booth or bar stool, and playing the same songs on the jukebox. Old Fashioneds and “Night Moves,” again? That’s just Taurus being Taurus.

Capricorn: On the Street

Capricorns don’t care where or when they’re drinking, as long as they’re drinking something tasty. Because they love to party hardy, a city with an open container policy is their ultimate dream come true. After all, walking from one bar to the next is just a waste of time if you don’t have a roadie in hand.