What the Zodiac Says About Your Drinking Habits

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While combing the astrologer’s weekly column for career advice or relationship insight is a ritual for some, we’re more interested in what the stars have to say about the really important stuff: cocktails. If you feel the same, then you’ll want to dive right into these drinking horoscopes. Not only will they reveal your signature drinking traits and behaviors, but you’ll also find out what you should be drinking according to your sign. It was written in the stars, so pour it into your glass.

Fire Signs

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These lions have an abundance of warm energy and they aren’t afraid to show it. Many describe them as the life of the party because it really doesn’t start until they walk in. Leos typically stick to the drink that they know will make them feel good from the inside out. You won’t find them mixing a bunch of different spirits over the course of a night. Some may mistake their strong personalities as arrogance, but eventually the natural cheerleader will shine through. A French 75 reflects their strong but bubbly style.


Aries are energetic and bold with a reputation for being trendsetters amongst their peers. If there’s a new cocktail bar in town, they’re the first ones on the scene to taste the drinks and tell everyone about it. Aries can be aggressive, which make them perfect drinking partners, especially when faced with long lines—they always find a way to effortlessly move to the front in no time at all. Their perfect drink is something stiff and strong like a Sazerac. It’s tenacious and gutsy, just like them.


Sagittariuses are bona fide risk takers. Their natural enthusiasm and curiosity draws a large circle of friends to their side, even if said friends will sometimes call them reckless. A Sagittarius should always have a drinking buddy. They’ve been known to forget pieces of the night or wander off with a new friend when no one is looking. Their positive attitude is contagious and addicting, kind of like the sweet-spicy Bee Sting.

Earth Signs

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Like their symbolic animal the goat, Capricorns are known for being stubborn, but reliable and hardworking. They value stability and lean towards the traditional. You won’t often find them out sipping a newfangled drink at a crazy, out-there bar, but whenever you do meet them out for a drink, you can count on a Capricorn being on time. Some say they’re cold and pessimistic, but really they’re just ultra-focused. To thaw a Capricorn, serve a traditional Irish Coffee for a jolt of caffeine and touch of sweetness.


Bulls are reliable. They take comfort in their habits and are always there for friends in need. If you need a shoulder to cry on, they’ll meet you at the neighborhood watering hole ASAP. And don’t worry, they’ll always be ready with a go-to bar. They believe there’s no reason to stray from the tried and true. But if you’re a Taurus, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of familiarity. So reach for a twist on a classic cocktail—like a smoky scotch-based Rob Roy in lieu of a Manhattan—every now and then.


Virgos aren’t trying to judge you, they just know what’s best. They'll be the first one to grab a cocktail menu and make recommendations to all their friends, even if their advice wasn’t requested. They make great bartenders because they remain cool under pressure and are able to think fast when faced with a spur of the moment predicament. Practical, resourceful and dedicated, they need a drink that’s as reliable and hard-working as them—like the classic Gin Martini.

Air Signs

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The free-spirited Aquarius is adventurous and always wants to take the road less traveled. Their independent spirit can make them seem detached, and that’s just the way they like it. The Aquarius always looks for the most extraordinary cocktail on the menu and orders it because they like to try new things and also get a rise out of people—they get a kick out of the shock factor. Someone this open minded needs a cocktail out of the ordinary, like the Bullshot, a beefy cousin of the Bloody Mary.


Geminis are always looking for the next adventure and easily adapt to whatever curveball is thrown their way. If their plans fall through, no problem—they always have a fun fix on deck that’s probably better anyway. If the liquor store is out of a favorite bottle, they’ll simply make the best of it. They’ll substitute something else and somehow create an improved version of the original drink they had planned. Sometimes they think with two minds, but that’s okay. Geminis should reach for a sweet and bitter Negroni so they don’t have to choose a side.


These social butterflies get along with everyone, but often struggle to find balance between friend groups. But no matter—their charms win everyone over in the end. They typically have all types of plans piled into one night, so you can find them sipping cocktails in a swanky lounge, shooting whiskey in a dive bar and popping bottles in the club, all within the span of a few hours. When hosting a party, they bring friends from all different walks of life together. Whip up a Scorpion Bowl to share with everyone.

Water Signs

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Cancers are caring and creative people that don’t reveal their sensitive inner selves to just anyone—you have to get past the hard outer shell first. Because of this, Cancer’s are usually light drinkers until they get to know you. Their drinking style is slow and steady, and they’d much prefer to share some sips over thoughtful conversation or live music rather than in a crowded, boisterous bar. A light, airy Gin Fizz is just what Cancers need to open up to someone new.


Scorpios are known for their magnetic personalities, even if they won’t reveal all of their secrets to their closest friends. Mysterious air aside, people are naturally drawn to their passion and zeal for life. Scorpios can hang for hours and love to socialize, but you’ll often see them pulling an Irish goodbye—no one needs to know where they’re going, anyway. A Dark and Stormy caters simultaneously to their light and dark sides.


Pisces folk are vessels of emotion. They feel extreme highs and lows and can always empathize with a friend. They’ll be the first to show up at your door with a bottle and box of tissues. Depending on their mood, Pisces might stop at one drink or polish off a bottle, and they’ll most likely reach for whatever’s on hand instead of going out of their way to find something special. They can be a little gullible and self-deprecating, so give a Pisces something sweet and thoughtful, like the Clover Club.