All-you-can-eat Brazillian pizza. Yep!

Brazil has brought the world so many great things, from Pele and Carnivale to caipirinhas and waxes that make girls really uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as being unsexily single. Adding all-you-can-eat pizza to that list: Bella Vista

From a Brazilian expat entrepreneur who's got his hands in everything from supermarkets to magazines, Bella Vista's a no frills, patio-abetted pizzeria w/ unusual ingredients and a heavenly concept borrowed from the parlors in his own country: pizzas are brought out all-you-can-eat churrascaria style, and you can take down as many slices as you can handle -- just like your...wait for it, wait for it... here it comes... golf game!! Plus you're fat. 25+ ultra-thin crusted pizzas use market-fresh ingredients with always-rotating options ranging from margharita and pepperoni to creativeness like the Portuguesa (ham/green peas/egg/black olives/fresh onions/mozzarella), the Florentina (tuna/mushroom/mozzarella/green olives/onions), and the self-explanatory, crispy-potato-stick-topped Strogonoff, also how you spent high school sick days -- you know, eating beef strogonoff. There're also a slew of dessert pies: the Banana Com Canela, w/ mozzarella, banana, & cinnamon; the Brigadiero Com Morango, w/ chocolate, sprinkles, condensed milk, and strawberries; and another topped with banana, granola, and acai, but not a sai, which would be cool, but crude.

If all-you-can-eat isn't your thing, shame on you, and you can order pies individually; soon, they'll also have pasta and booze, meaning Brazil can bring yet another thing into the world: an urge to call your ex and ask if she'd reconsider your request to (landing) strip.