Dinosaurs F__king Robots

Motivational platitudes are well-meaning, but what have you ever learned from such ridiculous concepts like "Perseverance", "Integrity", and "Ambition"? Check the inspirational works that mean something: Dinosaurs F__king Robots.

From a Culver City trio of viral-vid writers ("Oprah is Dead", etc), Dinosaurs F__king Robots is tumblr genius they sum up as "A showcase where artists can come together and make pictures...of dinosaurs f__king robots...with inspirational phrases". Forms run from hand-sketches to professionally Photoshopped fun; inspirational statements sometimes jive w/ the work, but are often as incongruous as dinosaurs and robots. Some highlights:

"You Can Go Your Own Way": A textbook T-rex doggies Blade Runner replicant Rutger Hauer -- wouldn't you, if the alternative was Edward James Olmos?

"Hugs Not Drugs": Half-covered by sheets, a triceratops tightly cuddles/gently smooches an I Robot droid; apparently, when you make $350M worldwide, you can get any kind of crazy reptile tail you want. Even if you suck.

"Stay in School": A roaring ankylosaur gives it to a beeping R2D2 in this pencil-on-looseleaf scrawling; when C3PO caught wind of it, he immediately slept with Greedo to dull the pain.

Occasionally, the art doesn't follow the script, i.e., a phrase-less Valentine's Day cartoon with a robot boinking a triceratops to keep his job, or a breathtaking dino laser war scene, which'll teach you far more about "Teamwork" than strange guys in man-tanks rowing a boat.