Clothes shop gets a brick and mortar in CC

Few moments are more exciting than finally moving into your own place, but one of them definitely involves nudity. Spare everyone from that moment, by clothing yourself at Five Four

Started by a pair of USC grads, Five Four's a wardrobe-essentials brand that just now (after a history of online and department-store distribution) got its first dedicated store: 1,000 cozy square feet of both exclusive and current-season merch at the just-opened Westfield Culver City Mall, with a sleek modern gray interior adorned with life-sized images from their catalogs, featuring some dude who's on the TV show Glee, which is exciting since you TIVO it "just in case you eventually get a girlfriend and she wants to watch it". The just in-store selection'll be expanding to jeans soon, and for now includes simple, tailor-cut black or white button-up poplin shirts, woven scarves in 10 different colors/patterns, and three new colorways (black, navy, and white-on-black) of a multi-pocketed backpack, 'cause you're gonna have to put all those scarves somewhere. The store's also where they're launching the whole of their new Fall season, which includes staples like plain cotton-jersey v-necks and blue-and-white checkered long sleeve button-ups, as well as more-unusual jackets like a bomber-style number with extra buttons running down either side of your body, called "Pyro" 'cause if you wore it right now, you'd be really hot. But not like your future girlfriend who'll probably like Glee, just temperature-wise

In addition to Five Four, the new mall's got eateries like BJ's Brewhouse and Hot Dog On A Stick, also the title of the YouTube clip documenting your second exciting moment, naked in the woods.