LA Beer Festival

Thanks to classy overtures like specialty pairing nights and brew-specific sommeliers, beer's finally found some high-end legitimacy -- but run your mouth about it, and people'll think you're just rationalizing your need to get disgustingly housed. Prove them wrong, but oh so very right, at the LA Beer Festival

From the guys who fathered the Screw The Recession dinners, the inaugural LA Beer Festival's a massive ode to all things hoppy, with your $40 entrance netting all-you-can-drink from 70+ outfits from across the brewniverse, and live cover bands who'll prove you're not just an obnoxious drunk, but also an obnoxious drunk sing-a-longer. Beer's delivered via 4oz pours in a commemorative mini-stein, with cup-fillers ranging from local small-timers like Carlsbad's Pizza Port and Pomona's sibling-led Dales Bros, to those employing unique ingredients (Origin Pomegranate from He'Brew); drafts span the color spectrum from light (Ballast Point Yellowtail Ale), to dark-ish (Fireman's Brew Brewnette), to nearly black (Reaper Mortality Stout), and there's even humorously named exotic brews from Thailand (Phuket), Iceland (Bierbitzch), and presumably Finkle (Einhorn). For tunes, Sunday boasts Bono-tastic Hollywood U2, while Saturday's got Petty Cash, who do the entire catalogs of Tom and Johnny, and if you ask nicely, will give you $5 for Post-its

To keep you going, there's plentiful (sadly, not included) grub, from Wolfgang Puck wings and pizza, to fish & chips and tri-tip sandwiches from Cannoli Kings, as well as sausages from a yet-to-be-named vendor -- because no matter how legitimate beer gets, it's never far from a sausage fest.