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Late-night custom burgers and a monster happy hour in Western Addition

There comes a point in the wee hours when a man still out walking the streets has no choice but to succumb to certain late-night cravings, like the siren song of Japantown karaoke, or the siren song of the Tenderloin's sirens. Delivering a late-night fix of custom burgers, Acme Burgerhaus

Assuming the Western Addition's crown for open-latest, quality face-stuffing, AB's slingin' an array of build-them-yourself burgers out of their quaint Divis digs that're done up with stool-lined, high tables and wall-mounted black and white rock n' roll photos (Meatallica?!). Start by selecting regular ground beef, Kobe, buffalo, or lamb as your base, and then tell them which flavorful extras you'd like kneaded in (e.g., blue cheese, diced garlic, parsley, etc); when your burg's done, garnish it yourself at the bottomless condiment buffet, at which to quench your insatiable thirst for spicy brown mustard. On the side, grab a heaping helping of wedge/sweet potato fries or beer-battered onion rings, and wash everything down with one of six draft brews, which include Sierra, Anchor, PBR, and Blue Moon, which is just sad because you never tell it anything but "Goodnight".

AB's also runnin' a monster happy hour with 2 buck beers all the way from 3-10pm, and after seven consecutive hours of drinking, you'll pretty much succumb to anything, regardless of how early it may be.