The Auto Gallery

Everyone knows to say no to drugs, but what do you say to drug dealers? If you're the guy who started The Auto Gallery, it's "eff yes you can have this beater Mazda".

From a car junkie who started moving autos at 18 when a drug pusher followed him home and offered him 10 grand for a lowrider Mazda pickup he just bought for $7,000, The Gallery's a showroom/dealer of foreign and domestic "modern classics", sourcing unique cars from all over the continental US, tweaking them if necessary, and delivering them to wherever the buyer lives, and maybe even Detroit. The constantly-in-flux collection currently starts with older rides like a guard's red 1970 VW custom Speedster Kit Bug (dual-carb Porsche engine, back seat occupied by huge speakers, custom white interior with velvety red trim), and a long, sleek '69 Olds 98 convertible in starfire red that's gone through a "frame off" restoration (455 Rocket engine and two-tone gray interiors) and rocks wire wheels made by Truespoke, which'll come right out and tell you that you're not a medium. More modern classics include the fastest production car of its time, a silver '94 Jaguar XJ220, one of only a half dozen in the US; a custom supercharged 2000 E46 Beemer with HRE wheels, big Brembo brakes, and TV monitors; and a '94 Mercedes E500, which also gets a Porsche engine, sprints to 60 in 5.5 secs, and has the reputation of being a "wolf in sheep's clothing", the same thing you keep getting labeled when you hit the town in that Laura Ashley dress.

AG works both sides of the exchange, so if you're looking to sell, they can help you with that, too; they've got a soft spot for '80s diesel Benzes, vintage Toyota Land Cruisers, Land Rover Defenders, and even '80s BMX bicycles, which you should totally pick up now that you're not getting to Hardee's in your Mazda.