Badichi Belts

Fashion claims to promote individualism, but it's hard to express the infinite sorrow of your exquisite isolation when any idiot can walk into the mall and nab the same duster from Hot Topic. Create something uniquely wearable at Badichi Belts.

A Jerusalem-based operation with 10 global locations, new-to-NYC Badichi follows a silly simple premise: allow shoppers to mix and match thousands of belts and buckles, then cut the final product to measure while they wait, or for those buying a 54", while they weight. Belt designs run from standard shades of solid blacks and browns, to faded jobs with assorted speckles and slashes, to floral patterns, to variously scaled alligator pieces in everything from light tan to reflective gold; leather's also broken down by provenance, including large collections from Italy and India, but everything gets treated at their Israeli facility, allowing you to deliver the Schwarzeneggerian post-strangulation line, "I gave him the Jerusalem Arty-choke". The astonishing array of buckles are also sourced out of J-town, and broken down into categories like "handcrafted" and "edgy"; beyond an astonishing array of variously dimpled solid metal pieces there's everything from 60s-style pastel ceramic inlays, to animal busts from bulldogs to horses, to skeleton hands, to headphones, which will only enhance your suspicion that your penis hasn't heard a word you've said.

Once you've made your selection, having an associate size your masterpiece only takes two minutes, which, considering pleather doesn't breathe, is all the patience you can duster.