Sometimes, getting close up lets you see things in a totally new way, like using a telescope to get a peek at Saturn's rings, or a magnifying mirror to look at Uranus. Giving you a totally new, zoomed-in look at alcohol, BevShot.

A project helmed by a research scientist and a chemistry/business guru who's worked for both NASA & Apple, BevShots photographs super-colorful shockingly-cool-looking crystallized slides of cocktails/beer/wine under a microscope, and blows 'em up in a variety of customizable shapes/sizes, to perfectly accessorize with your pad's other booze spills. To get things rolling, browse the color-splattered, kaleidoscope-/fractal-ish print options available by booze type, like vino (chablis, white zin, rose...), brew (i.e., Australian pale ale, Czech Pilsner, Canadian ice lager...), or cocktail (dry martini, vodka tonic); if you're looking for a specific color, you can browse using their color palette, and see which liquors provide the best feng shui in conjunction with your "Twilight Wall". Next up, choose what orientation you prefer (square, horizontal/vertical), if you want it on canvas or a higher-end archival platinum surface, and your size (14x14 to 24x36); everything comes in your choice of two matted & framed options, or you can simply get works sent to you rolled up in a tube, if you want to frame it yourself/just add another lightsaber to your collection.

They've also got an iPhone app that displays their entire collection, which they suggest browsing while at the bar to check out what the drink in front of you would look like under a microscope -- as with other things, just cross your fingers and hope it doesn't look like crap.