Bureau of Workplace Interruptions

The jolts of Unexpected that raise you out of your office stupor are notoriously unreliable -- friends neglect to email photos of Jack Nicholson dressed like ET, and coworkers neglect to be tearfully led out of the building by security. For guaranteed distraction, contact the Bureau of Workplace Interruptions

Brainchild of NY artist Chris Barr, BWI's a free site that harnesses "interruptive technology" to provide users with distracting interludes, which in turn provide a production-boosting buzz akin to (according to Barr) receiving a midday bouquet of flowers (unless the card says "I'm sorry for your loss").

Just enter your occupation, work hours, contact info, and self-descriptive note (I have 3 cats/enjoy tennis/hate life) and click submit; then go about your business

Before long, you'll be hit with a personalized communiqué: a phone call/office visit, scribbled snail-mailed note ("Colin, According to the information we have on file, you have been known to sleep on the job. Spectacular!..."), or email ("Christian, I was just able to simultaneously complete two goals: finish my ice cream cone and make a quick trip to the little boys' room without wetting myself or breaking any hygiene rules...

Beginning today, BWI's intro'ing their services to SF in an ironically appropriate manner: at an art exhibit, via a cubicle decked out with posters, brochures, computer, office supplies, and an empty chair -- an absence proving that the only thing more stupefyingly monotonous than work is art.