Car Crazy Desks

High-end sports cars're pretty awesome driving machines, but haven't you always wanted them to be something even more awesome? Like a desk? If your answer is "hell yeah!", then you'll be pleased to learn about Car Crazy Desks

Operating out of St. Louis, Crazy takes the rear ends of wrecked Corvettes of all model years (sourced from a network of smashed-Vette suppliers) and repurposes them into everything from fully customizable office desks, to bars, to grills, which'd give a whole new meaning to "fast food", if that joke didn't suck. Just shoot Crazy an email/call and they'll accommodate your almost-every whim, starting with desks kitted to your specs/color choice, with frames & drawers available in various finished woods and knob types, set within an exterior featuring a thick glass top, shined-up exhaust pipes, a license plate holder, and working brake lights controllable via a switch, or if you're from the future, a Clapper. The bar's interior can be fabbed up in your choice of wood or steel with custom shelves for bottles/glasses, and gets the same working lights/custom color/exhaust pipes as the desk, while charcoal or propane grills come fully welded inside an open-able trunk, and there's an optional personalized laser-cut grill grate -- a wise choice, in case you tend to misplace your giant grill made from a car

They've also got a selection of glass-topped side tables made from wheels & tires they'll deck out your way, and they're planning on rolling out some Bentley and Ferrari options in the next year, because who wants to drive an Enzo, when you can pay your taxes at it?!?