Clocks Made From Stuff

There're lots of ways to get rid of old crap that piles up: selling it at a garage sale, taking it to the dump, or just cashing a fat insurance check after burning it all, because lucky for you, there's no way to trace arson. Or, turn it into clocks, like Clocks Made From Stuff.

From a dude who claims to've been taking things apart since he could walk, and "occasionally putting them back together", Stuff's a 60-strong collection of old computer components, bike parts, and audio equipment repurposed into slick wall clocks, a slightly more logical venture than when you chopped up your acoustic guitar because you ran out of pogs. The collection's dominated by hard drives-turned-timepieces, but the really cool stuff starts with bike parts, like a recycled, multi-spoke wheel w/ red hands, a 2-ring gear crank with white hour/minute hands and a squiggly red line ticking the seconds, and a chain ring inset featuring a fully functional pendulum made from a piece of bike chain, which Stuff's creator says will make a "great gift for that biker you know who's so hard to shop for", from the gifter who's never heard of a bike store. Next up're audio rigs, ranging from an oversized Maxell tape reel fitted with white/red hands, to an old-school, ready-to-hang blue Sears 45 player with the hands set to move above the center of the turntable (letting you attach any record of your choice), to an 80s-style black Sanyo turntable clocked-out the same way, that's pre-loaded with a Blood, Sweat & Tears 33 and's easily mounted, much like Blood, Sweat, and Tears groupies.

If you're a computer nerd, they've got a couple models that use the side panels of once-top-of-the-line Apple G4 CPUs, just like the one that melted in the basement blaze that should've helped offset the cost of a new one.