Ecentrik Shoe Artistry

They say if you want to understand a man, walk a mile in his shoes, but what if that man is wearing Tevas? Do those even count? What about Aqua Socks? Actually, forget creepily strolling around in other dudes' kicks and get your own custom styles from Ecentrik Shoe Artistry. A Philly-based venture from a devout sneaker hooligan afflicted with a boring name (Elom!) and weariness of factory colorways, Ecentrik creates fully custom kicks which incorporate flashy comic bookish color schemes into eye-grabbing artwork, transforming standard foot-sheaths into...BAM!!! KAPOW!!! Via phone or email, you'll convey your vision to Elom and figure out stuff like cost (generally $150-$300, kicks included), turnaround time (~2-3 weeks), and sneaker brand/model (Elom prefers Nikes, but he'll rig up almost any leather or canvas job); once you approve a mock-up, Elom takes over, removing factory finishes, applying primer, and employing broad strokes of color and fine brushwork, all topped off by a protective clear finish that aids in crack resistance, a product poor, poor, Pookie just couldn't get his hands on in time. For uncreative/lazy sneaker seekers, Ecentrik's got 17 pre-painted styles, like "Orange Clockwork" (Dunk Lows littered with circular gears and other broken clock innards), the "D.O.N." (lowtop AF1s with a black, beige and brown camo-ish effect), and Air Max 95s in festive yellow, green & fuchsia, aka "Fruit Salad", which you're not about to toss...over a telephone wire! Cause these are nice shoes, man

While sizes're limited in the pre-painted boys, requests for specifically sized replications will be entertained, although mixing designs and shoe models is strictly forbidden in the FAQ, which states "I won't take an original design pictured on a pair of Dunks and put that same design on a pair of Air Force Ones" -- if the same rules apply to your hole-y rubberized clogs, you'll be saying "what a Croc of sh*t!".