Edward Oliver Elliott

For a portrait artist to want to take a crack at your face, you usually have to be one of two kinds of people -- a fat-faced 9th century Nobleman eager to preserve his status, or a fat-faced 9-year-old at the fair not so eager to find out how fat his face truly is. Adding a third option, Edward Oliver Elliott.

EOE's an award-winning, mixed media UCLA art student who's home for the summer, sick of working construction, and ready to earn some extra scratch by painting affordable portraits of you, your girl, your dog, or whoever else in his raw, contemporary street art steez that'll be well out of your price range once Andy Warhol starts hitting on him. How it works: EOE paints from snapshots, so simply email him your high quality pic and he'll go to work; though you're free to include specifics re: sizing (30x30" is standard but he'll work in other dimensions), colors, and materials, your best bet's to let the man do his thing unfettered, since he already gets enough grief from his mom, jeez. Results range wildly and may incorporate anything from acrylics, to spray paint/stencils, to collage on canvas or Masonite -- whatever the combo, your likeness is guaranteed to shine through, proving once and for all that you do resemble Gary Busey.

EOE heads back to LA in mid-September, but depending on his backup, he'll produce your portrait in as little as one day. When asked if he does nudes, he responded "oh, absolutely" -- a reminder that there's no point in just showing a fat-face, when an entire fat-body will do.