Enzo Sartori

When possible, it's always best to have someone stop by your place to give you what you want, from a house-call-making doctor, to the reason he had to do so, who said her name was "Nikki". Bringing high end yet affordable custom suit-making right into your abode, Enzo Sartori.

Started by a guy who felt he could undercut wicked-pricey custom suits by eliminating retail overhead and using his insider access to fabric mills, Enzo'll send local, highly trained reps to your house/office to measure the hell out of you, then ship off the specs to be crafted into a suit by the famously meticulous tailors of Hong Kong, who make your duds when they have time away from mending Jackie Chan's crotch rips. Put in a call, and Enzo's guy'll show up with a fabric swatch book of top-of-the-line Italian, British, and French wools from mills like Zegna and Loro Piana (also used to make suits for Calvin Klein, Valentino, etc), help you choose the right hue, take up to 16 crucial measurements, then run through a battery of options with you, like number of buttons, lapel size, how far up the lapels start on the jacket, and single-/double breasted-ness, at which point it's time to come clean about that third nipple. Pick-able trouser options include pocket shape, pleats/no pleats, and how you want the legs tapered/shaped; you can also opt for silk-like Bemberg lining and fabric patterns sewn to match at the seams, because having polka dots not line up correctly is downright unseemly.

To go along with your suits, Enzo also custom-makes dress shirts based on your measurements, using Italian, British, and Swiss cottons, with your choice of collars, cuffs, pocket shapes, and button color and thickness. They even reinforce the placket to keep open-collared shirts from flopping down -- an ailment you apparently don't have, otherwise doc wouldn't be asking you to drop 'em.