The medium in which the greats are recognized changes with the age, from the finest hunters getting cave-drawn, to Renaissance nobles getting frescoed, to the Virgin Mary on a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Get immortalized in the medium du jour, by EtchU.

Dedicated to custom pocket/full-size Etch-A-Sketch commissions of absolutely anything, EtchU's the baby of a musician/graphic artist known by the deliciously creative moniker "The Etch-A-Sketch Man", who discovered his penchant for knob-twiddling while messing around with a left-behind 'Sketch at Los Feliz coffee shop Psychobabble. To get the ball rolling, send Man a .jpg of what you'd like 'Sketched, and he'll give a price quote and talk through how detailed he'll do it (cartoonish, more realistic, etc); creation time's anywhere from a few minutes to a few days, depending on whether you're OK with a mere crude likeness, or whether you demand your aluminum-powder portrait look precisely like you, RoboCop. You can then get your masterpiece in a variety of forms, from the Etch-A-Sketch itself (drained of its magical eraser powder), to a blown-up poster-sized print, to a sped-up video of the whole process, embeddable on Facebook -- a move that'll surely earn you mad pokes from...children ages 5 and up.

Man also does live Etch creations at parties, and has recently introduced a brand-new product: a print of your Sketch that's been digitally manipulated to appear in red/blue 3D -- the medium that's been the future since the 1950s.