Freedman Clothing

Vintage shirts might be stylish, but there's nothing en vogue about contracting the previous owner's leprosy. For the vintage look without the secondhandness, check out Freedman Clothing

Freedman is helmed by a former Ben Harper guitar tech who "realized that out of the hundreds of shirts in his closet, he would only wear a select few", and thus set out to recreate the fabrics and tailoring of his wardrobe's greatest hits. Material for the handmade-to-order shirts is culled from small runs of corduroy/cotton/denim/hemp scoured from hole-in-the-wall LA fabric shops; each shirt's then further steezed at the sleeves, collar, or upper back with colorful strips of fabric normally used in guitar and camera straps, giving you the fierce look of Slash/Ansel Adams. Designs range from the simple, cowboy-pocketed "Nashville", to the plaid-flannel "Austin", to the hippie-formal "Santa Cruz", featuring a sunburst on the back shoulders, and cut short enough that you can still expose the moon.

If what you're looking for isn't in the catalog, the owner'll sit down with you to design a bespoke shirt, using fabrics of your choice -- perfectly complimenting your unique look, making you the envy of everyone else at your...colony.