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Custom jackets in Japantown

Dressing older than you are often leads to age-related confusion: some people honestly believed a double-Windsored Alex P. Keaton knew how to divest a company at 14, and others foolishly thought Webster's dapper suits meant he'd grown out of burning down houses. Making sure your jackets don't grow up too fast, Harputs Own.New at the Fillmore fashion staple, Own's not-too-old, not-too-young custom zip-ups're loosely styled after Adidas track jackets your pops wouldn't dare rock, but then infused w/ just the right amount of class by being sewn up in-house with old-timey deadstock fabrics of your choosing. To create yours, first head to the shop to eye up the loose-fitting, somewhat sporty prototypes to get an idea of the silhouette, then select your textile from choices like professorial Harris tweed, navy cashmere suiting, and Scottish wool in orange/black, as it's no secret that all Scots adamantly believe Barry's clean. From there you'll get measured and select your jacket's collar type (stand-up/rollover), number/type of pockets (hidden, suit-style, etc), lining (satin, cotton, canvas), and whether to go with a hood made from any of the fabrics used in the jacket, or even goat leather -- goats eat everything, so why not your head?If you're stupidly generous, give the gift of a Harputs Buck, which bestows upon the giftee one custom jacket, producing more age-related confusion when the giving of a seemingly boring item of clothing leads the giftee to think you're his nana.

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