Sometimes, you've gotta incorporate the best pieces from different sources for the desired result, much like Frankenstein's monster, or Joan River's perfect, ageless face. Applying that school of thought to hardcore audio gadgetry, Headphile.

A lone-wolf operation outta Seattle run by a guy named "Larry", 'Phile sources the best components from super-high-quality brand name headsets to build one-of-a-kind custom headphones classily decked out with wood accents, and also offers custom modding options for cables, plugs, and other elements if you want to jazz up your existing pair, also the idea behind Xzibit's original reality show pitch, "Pimp My Scro". The fun begins with 'Phile's latest over-ears, The Vixen, which couples a shell from new next-level German operation Beyer with a set of drivers from venerable Brooklyn brand Grado, then adds custom elements i.e., cable length/type (silver, gold, copper, etc), show-stopping exterior wood earpiece rings (16 options, including Flame Maple, Royal Mahogany, Cherry), and headband/pad materials (leather, velour, etc); for more "credible bass", go for the Terminator V4, which get Beyer Pros with original drivers, and're fitted with your custom specs (cable, headband, ear pad), and finished with thicker, more insulating wood earpieces in any of The Vixen's varieties, plus Bubinga, a rare wood from Western Africa, not Topanga's even bustier sister. If you've already got a top-shelf set of 'phones, you can send them in to get retooled with new/better/longer cables (there's a list of brands/models Larry can work with on his site), or with more advanced plug options to improve quality and versatility; if you want, Larry'll also replace the outer earpiece with the polished wood of your choice, as long as it's not Elijah, because he's just toooo busy winning Teen Choice Awards to hang out anymore.

'Phile's also got a whole collection of sweet headset stands which can also be customized in your choice of wood, perfect for hanging and admiring your newly minted 'phones, or if you're Joan Rivers, your face.