Kensington Antarctica

Vacationing somewhere totally unique sounds awesome, but it's hard to find a place few humans have ever visited, and even if you do reach paradise it won't seem like one with Jimmy Buffet sitting there housing burgers. For a vacation somewhere no one you know can match: Kensington Antarctica

A first-of-its-kind baller package, KA offers customizable one- to 11-day luxury safaris guided by world-renowned polar explorers to ensure an "intimate experience for every guest", so...get ready for some beard burn! Departing Cape Town via private jet, visitors're shuffled via beastly 4x4s to "camp", a series of heated sleeping domes surrounding a communal tent flush with a library, "communications area", lounge, and gourmet South African chef-helmed dining room; you can also spend a night in a remote igloo, aka why nobody in the world permanently lives in Antarctica. You're-suddenly-interesting-at-dinner-parties activities can include

- Kite-skiing across open ice - Trekking through interlocking ice caves- Ascending towering rock formations- Rappelling!- A ski-plane trip to a colony of 12k-plus emperor penguins- A scenic champagne & BBQ picnic- Visiting a nearby Russian research team's station to share a "lunch and a sauna", where you may find out exactly how glad they are to see other human

Trips book exclusively for November-January, since that's when you're guaranteed 24-hour sunlight and an average temp hovering around 23°F, meaning you don't need a middle-aged, island-shtick'd musician to get your License to Chill.