Lewis Leathers

Certain crazes come in waves of popularity: swing music was reignited in the 90s, five decades after it first got people dancing, and just a few years ago, Dane Cook made it clear that the masses were once again ready to embrace terrible comedy. For a jacket great resurging once again, check out Lewis Leathers.Outta jolly ol' England and now available for custom ordering online for the first time, bespoke-meisters Lewis've been a recurring force in the leather biz since 1892, when they got their start making durable custom flight suits, then cashed in on the Steve McQueen motorcycle frenzy of the 1950s and 60s, remained popular in the UK during the 70s/80s punk era, and more recently, got huge in Japan, much like Val Kilmer when vacationing amidst all that tempura. While they craft just about all things leather (gloves, boots, sneakers, etc), Lewis's custom jackets're the standouts, made exclusively w/ premium hides chosen for their abrasion resistance and water repellence: there's the four-pocketed, zipper-close-cuff, single-breasted Easy Rider with optional vertical body stripes; the moto-racer-ish Super Phantom made from "supreme hide" w/ quilted shoulder pads, two angled-zipper front pockets, and a zipper pocket on the left arm; and a classic double-breasted number w/ quilted scarlet interior and an adjustable half-belt called The Bronx, the perfect outerwear for a nice afternoon of getting shot. To get all bespoke, once you see something you dig in the shop, let Lewis know what you want with a call/email, and you'll get deets back on "a simple method of self measuring"; once you respond, everything's sent to their London factory for construction, and'll arrive at your door roughly three weeks later -- about the same amount of time it'll take to recover from the emotional results of self-measuring.LL also makes bespoke premium hide leather pants, complete with ultra-strong stitching and trim lines for the "real hard riding enthusiast", which also is how Dane Cook explains away the droves of audience members jumping in with lots of telling him how much he sucks.