LTL Prints

Wall decor's an easy way to take a room to whole a new level, or once you hastily apply some, draw attention to the fact that you need to go to Home Depot and get a whole new level. Take care of your walls and margin of error, with LTL Prints.Philly-based LTL creates oversized Fathead-like self-adhesive wall decals printed on seamless sheets of fabric paper that can be hung, re-positioned & removed 100 times without leaving behind any residue, and're all super-durable and wind-tested at 500 mph, perfect if your room is actually an Airbus. Available from 12" laptop decals to 7' monster graphics, designs run the gamut from exclusively licensed pieces (Dilbert, Topps baseball cards, Garbage Pail Kids) to local artists' works and public domain clip art, thanks to an online virtual catalog that draws from a library of more than 8 million images, all of which LTL scales up or down to your size specifications, prints on demand, and ships within 48 hours -- hopefully everything goes smoothly, because there's nothing worse than Another 48 Hours. You can also get all custom by uploading an image directly to the site, then manipulating elements/background on the spot and choosing your size using their idiot-proof interface; they also provide design consultation services online and over the phone, in case you're proof there exist bigger idiots than they could've ever dreamed.LTL even prints up works from actually famous artists like "Beyond Control", featuring a giant robot wielding a spray can, originally part of a 1984 mural designed by Vulcan, an SF graffiti maestro described on the site as an "aerosol artist", just to make him sound a little more on the level.