Manifest Art Studio

It's a well-known fact that airbrushed art rocks butt, but a love of busty, dragon-riding space babes has bankrupted many a wealthier van owner than you. Get all the butt rocking without the gas pains, with Manifest Art Studio's dartboard cabinets.Founded by a formally trained artist who jokingly attributes his crazy skills to a semi-amputated trigger finger (what's your excuse?), MAS arts up dart rigs guaranteed to turn even the shabbiest room into...a shabby room with a sick dartboard. Submit a detailed design concept through the website, and they'll work with you to flesh out deets (color scheme, fonts, layout, etc) prior to sending over a complimentary digital mockup; once the design and fee are finalized ($300-$350 for basic steez), painting's done on extra-deep, handcrafted-in-Amuhrica cabinets, finished with your choice of matte/semi/high gloss protective clear, and shipped with a guarantee that it'll never be replicated, meaning only you can cleave Michael McDonald's beautiful mug to toss hand missiles. Previous paint jobs include a graffiti-style brawler holding broken bottles, a raging grizzly bear, Sublime's 40oz to Freedom album art, and an engulfing flame graphic, hilarious, as the purchaser obviously considered his limp-wristed throwing style "en-fuego".Because there's more to life than darts, MAS'll brush up just about anything else for you, from guitars, to skateboards, to bikes, to tractor trailers, even planes -- cause nothing's more rock 'n roll than an airbrushed dragon being piloted by a busty you.