Decorating your crib's walls is a tricky proposition: inevitably one must move on from posters of scantily clad models, but for the price of most actual "art" you could probably just hire David Beckham to stand around your room in his underwear in person. Find your own artsy sweet spot, at Nuzart.From a Spanish company eight years deep into the art sales e-biz, Nuz lets you browse thousands of images to throw up in your pad, then gives you blanket control over the size and printing material of the finished product, letting you tailor it to fit the vacuous enormity of your walls...and wallet. Works can be perused by a number of uniquely helpful parameters, including predominant color, shape, art techniques (e.g., digital, drawing, photography), and subject, which includes abstract paintings, landscapes, portraits, high-res photos of exotic animals, and everybody's fave, erotic, which should never be confused with the previous category. Once you've picked your art, it's time to select the size (16 possibilities, up to four-plus feet across), and materials, from cheap unframed digital prints on Fuji photo paper or paper prints set in handcrafted black lacquered wood frames, to waterproof cotton canvas stretched over a wooden interior frame, or prints laid directly on an anodized aluminum panel, which creates "a play between the images and its magic metallic glints", the very seduction that caused you to make out with that chick with braces.Should you wish to embarrass yourself, Nuzart offers anyone the ability to upload and sell their art through the site, or just order their own images printed in the same sizes/materials as the rest of the goods -- because once your own Adonis physique is up on the wall, you can tell Beckham to go get bended.