Finding the perfect means to show off your photos can be tough, especially when the stupid manufacturers don't even take the time to match the frame to the eyes of your very good-looking fake daughter. Giving you a fresh way to flaunt your pics, Plywerk

The product of a "eureka" moment during one of the founders' struggle to mount a photo, Werk takes your photos/art (or pieces from their gallery) and slickly adheres them to easily hangable maple or bamboo plywood-like panels in lieu of a traditional frame, then lets you choose from different topcoat finishes, which unfortunately for your Garden Gnome Still Life Series, don't include black paint. To get customizin', upload a JPEG of any scanned image/digital photo, choose a wood type and dimensions for your panel (from 4"x4" to 30"x40"), choose to use their color correction or custom crop-to-panel-size services, then pick a finish, from "Lustre" (described as in between matte/glossy), to the "chrome on paper"-like Metallic, to the Glossy, with its reflective/high-sheen -- funnily enough, also the clinical term for a contemplative/cracked-out Charlie. If you don't have any worthy art of your own, Ply hosts a gallery of original prints/photos they'll gladly slap on a panel for you, including 18 illustrations, like one of giant jellyfish hovering above a suburban neighborhood, or a shattered TV screen spurting out blood-like red/blue/green, plus a stock of 150 photos available on 5"x5" bamboo tiles, ranging in subject from cool night-vision forest shots to a mounted deer head, which absolutely doesn't conjure images of a bizarre hunter sex act. Until now

If you hate having people do stuff for you, Ply'll sell you any size blank panel to fit whatever medium you'd like, with an optional pre-applied adhesive for immediate bonding, recalling pretty much exactly what happened when you first laid eyes on your ersatz family.