While any pad needs some art on the walls, your "What I Really Learned in College" poster really only illustrates you were apparently too hungover to attend Don't Put What I Really Learned in College Posters on Your Wall 101. Instead, class up your pad with sweet wall decals from rEVOLV3r.

From our neighbors to the South whose travel allure was immortalized in Wayne's World, rEVOLV3r makes durable adhesive vinyl decals ranging in size from 2' x 2' to 6' x 8', with 60+ designs available in 16 colors (w/ idiot-proof installation/hanging directions), repping everything from Transformers to literature and philosophy -- so, yeah, they've got Transformers. Hollywood themes range from odes to the "Big Lebowski" like a stencil job of the Dude's face above an all caps "ABIDE", aping Shepard Fairey's iconic Andre the Giant/OBEY designs, a shadowy, life-sized James Dean, and a pair of tributes to Pulp Fiction: Vincent & Jules menacingly pointing pistols forward, and a solo treatment of Sam Jackson/Jules surrounded by his infamous Ezekiel 25:17 quote, which is a cold-blooded thing to say to a MF before poppin' a cap in his ass for endlessly quoting Pulp Fiction. Other action includes a tri-paneled design that recreates a panoramic view of the Philly skyline (or NY & Chicago), three sets of geometric patterns/interlocking shapes, a trio of the aforementioned Transformers-themed decals (Autobot or Decepticon logos; a battle-ready Optimus), as well as several designs featuring quotes from Mark Twain to Aristotle to Ralph Waldo Emerson, the king of Transcendentalism, but sadly none from King Ralph.

rEVOLV3r'll also create custom decals of just about anything, from half-toned/pixelated renditions of digital photos to auto-optimized numbers that'll turn your car into a mobile billboard -- much like the Papa John's one that reflects your success in college.