Rug Couture

Finding the perfect rug to match a room is a huge undertaking, although in the meantime, you'd better get that blood covered up, and fast. Once you take care of that, make your pad flow just how you like, with custom floor-coverings from Rug Couture.A Brit outfit with over 10 years in the bespoke rug game who just started shipping their wares worldwide, Couture lets you completely customize your floor-hiding steez (design, color, size, etc.) using its crazy-simple step-by-step online app, and will even let you submit your own images for them to weave, although it'd probably be best to not send one of yourself, since people walk all over you enough already. To get designin', select a style category (i.e., Abstract, Graphic, Animal Print, etc.), narrow it down to a specific design within that style's catalog of options (from paint-splattering, to cool polygonal shapes, to entire graphics like skulls, guns, etc...), then assign different colors to each particular rug element from a palette of over 1000 hues, or, if you're colorblind, "blue-y/reddish stuff". Once you've got the aesthetics down, enter your desired dimensions (literally any size you want), and choose from three weaves of varying quality (all made of 100% New Zealand wool), from the least expensive "tufted" to the top-notch "hand-knotted", a technique they call "Nepalese Style", also a kinky form of lovemaking involving oxygen tanks and sherpas.If you can't find a design/color mashup you like, you can email Couture any image you've got (logo, photo, etc), and they'll quote you a price to slap it on a rug, though wanton slapping is exactly how you got in this mess in the first place.