Auto enthusiasts pimp cars, yachtsmen pimp boats, and men with golden fedoras pimp themselves before pimping, but as a normal dude, how do you get in on the glamor? With Shoeture.

From an LA-based, Japan-inspired ball-cap designer who wanted to give people a simple way to recapture the joy they felt when their kicks were brand new, Shoeture's a just-launched line of "shoe jewelry" that covers your laces with flashy metal links, for that "fashionable android about town" look. Currently, they offer two styles in three colors (gold, silver, gunmetal): "Hooks", which run horizontal like a ladder, or "Tangs", which ride diagonally atop the laces, and in a pinch can provide many essential nutrients in outer space. The shoe-lery comes in sets of 10 (five per shoe), with instructions on the website abetted with a helpful, particularly un-viral YouTube video.

If you're fashionable but extremely slow, send Shoeture your shoes, and they'll steez them at no additional charge -- and what's more pimp than having someone else do the grunt work?