Getting your shoes custom-painted will ensure you've got a truly limited-edition pair, but sending them out for weeks to get done up can be annoying, especially when they come back as they left, because that joker doesn't even do clogs. Well, neither do these guys, but you don't have to send them your shoes either: Sneakart

From a clique of UK-based artists and sneakerheads, Art lets you pimp any pair of shoes with a brand new exterior pattern and/or decal stickers from its huge catalog of super-high-quality adhesive designs, or steez your kicks yourself by submitting a custom image, like that Calvin pissing on a Ford logo idea you came up with the other day. It works like this: pick what type of adornment you want to use (full "skin" sheets to cover whole shoes, decals for specific-area detailing), then browse their selection to see if anything catches your eye, from various solids & stripes, to nifty graffiti-ish work, to cartoonish scenes (skull & crossbones, lucha libre getups), to hipster-worthy patterns, i.e., aviator shades, keytars, and pixelated "digital camo"; if you'd rather take full control, upload a JPEG of whatever you want made into its own sheet, much like when mom stitched you that Hanson-themed bedspread. While decals're ready to peel and apply as soon as they're delivered, full skins are slightly more complex: they'll arrive with an application kit, including a lightly adhesive removable template (to apply to the shoe and trace on to indicate proper positioning), which you'll use as a guide to cut the pattern sheet; when the final cutout's ready, peel the backing and slap it on your shoe while smoothing out any wrinkles, although if you do it enough times, your shoe won't be able to blink anymore

Once you've submitted a custom design, they'll give you the option of making it "public", which gives anyone the opportunity to buy your pattern, and this time, they'll even be able to show that hating joker what's up, and slap it on their Crocs.